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Created by AJ Dubler and Carmela Murphy
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When a stranger arrives at Gray's door, an impromptu bird funeral intimacy and rupture.
Behind the Scenes
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"A romcom musical about the devastating effects of smoking."


Carmela is a screenwriter, fabricator, and animator who adores the weird and wonderful.  


AJ Dubler is a storyboard artist and animator who makes work about lesbians and ugly babies.


AJ and Carmela met at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and knew they were destined to collaborate. With a shared love of stop motion and lesbians, A Bird Hit my Window and Now I'm A Lesbian was born.

Meet the Cast


Jordan Gantos

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Jordan (they/them) is an interdisciplinary ceramicist and sculptor informed by Romantic philosophy, natural mysticism, and a love for the living. 


Cecelie Lopez


Cecelie (they/them) is a movement-based performance artist, testing bodily limits to explore anti-human endurance on the queer body.


Timothy Sullivan


Timothy (he/him) is an actor and improviser in Chicago who enjoys making comedy videos 

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